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Cannabis Paste For Dog Cancer

 Cannabis Paste Cure From Canna Cascadia

One of the most heartbreaking things we have ever witnessed was a beautiful dog with cancer, having already gone through chemotherapy, this poor dog was suffering so badly that we had to wonder, why would people put their loving pet through this misery and pain? Was it for the pet owner or the dog? It was a horrible sight to see!

We now know that there is an alternative to curing dog cancer and we are very grateful!

If you are hoping there is a better way to save your dog's life from cancer?
There are people around the world learning about Cannabis Paste as a New Cure for Dogs. Chemotherapy is as foolish and deadly to dogs as it is for humans. So what natural alternatives are there? 
Here are couple of the recommended steps. 
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1) Cannabis Paste added to the food
2) Eliminate Carbs
3) Add Curcumin, a derivative of the Indian spice Turmeric
4) Antioxidants (carotenoids, vitamin C and E, and Selenium
5) Throw out the horrible dog food and cook your own from scratch. 

An example of good dog food would be chicken, rice and vegetables, you may add the vitamins and spices to the homemade dog food.

Here is more exciting news for treating dogs with Cannabis Paste!

Cannabis advocates are no strangers to the social stigma that comes with using marijuana medically, so you can only imagine the number of eyebrows raised by the idea of treating an animal with hemp-derived cannabinoids. Even here in the progressive and cannabis friendly state of Oregon, the issue was met with a spectrum of reactions ranging from curious to outraged, confusing CBD consumption with “feeding an animal marijuana, this is just not the case.

If you are considering treating your pet with cannabinoids, you should do so under the guidance of a knowledgeable veterinarian. It’s clear that even medical professionals are still wary of marijuana and hemp-based medications for animals. If we are to carve out a good name for cannabis, it’s critical that we don’t allow any harm to come to our furry friends. These types of medicines are still in their infancy, however, it is truly exciting to witness a new frontier of therapeutic options for your dog’s improved quality of life and a cure. 

 There is also the exciting new Cannabis Paste treatment for Epileptic seizures for your  dog.

Normally, a Veterinarian will prescribe Phenobarbitol for Epileptic seizures, we all know that couldn't be good. 

For companion animals, even the American Veterinary Medical Association website carries testimonials favoring veterinary cannabis, in which caregivers attest to significant benefits in their animals, who were unresponsive or intolerant of mainstream pharmaceuticals.
Because of the higher toxicity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in dogs compared to humans, many cannabis products sold for dogs list cannabidiol *(CBD) instead of THC as the main active ingredient. (THC is the substance in cannabis that typically makes human users high.)

*CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid whose anti-epileptic properties were made widely known through the many stories of children finding relief from Epileptic seizures, and it  just so happened that companies were already putting out dog-specific CBD formulations derived from cannabis. We at Canna Cascadia for New Cure are proudly one of those companies.

CBD reduces pain, inflammation and anxiety as well as seizure activity. Research suggests that CBD has lower toxicity and higher tolerability than THC in both humans and non-humans.

Yes, People Are Giving Their Pets Medical Marijuana, even cats!

Photo illustration by Michael Mechanic based on a Flickr photo by Eva101.

Is it ever a good idea to get your dog or cat stoned? 
The answer depends on whether your pet could be classified as a medical marijuana patient.
Perhaps the nation's overtly 420-friendly vet, California veterinarian Doug Kramer has crowdsourced a slew of research on pot for pets. Through submissions to his website, and surveys distributed at pot dispensaries, he has amassed more than 500 case studies, the vast majority of them positive, he says. Most people use cannabis to treat their dogs and cats for pain, seizures, and inflammation stemming from arthritis. About 20 percent of phone calls to Kramer's office now come from other cannabis-curious vets.

"Anything people find effective when treating themselves, they are going to transfer to their pets," Kramer argues. He believes that lifting the veterinary taboo on pot would help pet owners make sure they're using cannabis safely. (He has published his own guide on the website) Ultimately, Kramer wants California and other states to allow the family dog to get its own pot card.
Kramer is one of the few veterinarians even willing to discuss using medical marijuana for pets. He points out that a slew of medical studies on the effects of pot have relied on rats and dogs as substitutes for humans, suggesting that "mammals have the same cannabinoid receptors as humans do" and "would benefit in the same ways."

But why stop there? He tells me of a woman who fed her horse cannabis-infused butter to treat it for laminitis, a foot disease that causes painful swelling. "She said it was like a new horse afterward!" 

 Photo illustration based on a photo by Their History

Of course, this is not how to give cannabis to a horse...ha!

We must now introduce our own Canna Cascadia mascot!
 Our Canna Cat 
Mr. Tibbs

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Be well and happy ~ Todd and Holly

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